Working visa for people who want to go from the Balkans to Germany

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German Social Democrats want to expand employment opportunities for people from Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia to Germany. A working visa is expected to reduce the number of asylum seekers.

What should be done to reduce the high number of asylum seekers from Western Balkan countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia to Germany? This question preoccupies not only the relevant authorities but also the policy in Germany.

Work contract valid

In this document apart from categorizing Albania, Kosovo's Montenegro as "safe countries of origin" to return refugees more quickly to their homeland, it is also about working opportunities for people from the Balkans. According to the Social Democrats, some individuals now have the opportunity to be employed in those occupations, which in Germany require manpower. Many people just do not recognize this option. Social Democrats demand that the requirement for this work visa in Germany be an income contract with a minimum wage in Germany of 8.5 euros per hour.

The German government has always stressed that the asylum application is the wrong way for these people.

Reactions after the Social Democrats' proposal

But the first reactions of the Christian Democrat party, the CDU after the Social Democrats' proposal, are not entirely refusing. "By granting employment visas, they can be directly assisted by those who need it, ie those who leave the Balkans for economic reasons and enter Germany with regular documents." Even in the German press, the reactions to the Social Democrat proposal are positive. The German newspaper "Südwestpresse" in her analysis of Balkan refugees emphasizes that initially efforts should be made to improve the living conditions of people in the Balkans. "Of course, Germany cannot accept anyone who wants to come in.

People from the Balkans do not escape the civil war, and in most cases are not persecuted, but why not give them a chance for those who bring with them language skills and professional knowledge? In this regard, there are reasonable proposals. Labor market experts propose to grant a limited work permit, as long as people from the Balkans find a job and so can the asylum system be facilitated. "

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